let it flow, let yerself go..

a kinda chilly spring fridaye nite oot in the mitaka, slobby party people breakin off the work for some grub n suds, some OLs wanderin home, gaddam wind just won't lay up.

shoe parked it outta the way in the ichien, spotted a week or so before. mom n pop place, kindly old folks runnin a slow show, radio on the swimmin' competition, some OL type slowly workin' away on a bowl. lotsa homemade signs for all the menu shtuff, little too bright for the shoe, but radiating "homey".

shoe went for the "ichien", only 470 yen, wotta deal. pop went to work on the pans, mom offered up a selection o' newspapers. shoe just settled in, zoned oot for a bit, then got to work on the bowl when it came, in its own good time.

nothing out of place here, mildish shoyuu, the egg underperformed, the chashew overperformed. lotsa men-ma. noodles of the yellowish and generic variety, nothin' wrong wit that in a bowl like this.

shoe gots up to leave, an mom, seein' that shoe snapped a piccie, asked "do you like ramen?" to which shoe replied like a wee grade sixling, "yes! very much!"

three rockin' chairs for the ichien. innat sweet?

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Anonymous r a m e n i a c had this to say:

wassup shoe? i gotta get my ass back to your corner of the globe, stat!

4:16 PM 

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